Content Management Systems

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Weweb Content Management Systems

Weweb Content Management Systems

We fully appreciate that everyone isn’t as web savvy as the team here at WeWeb Ltd, and that you might want to change your web content yourself regularly or just as you see fit.
So we have built a really simple to use CMS (Content Management System) that we can add on to most other websites and build into any of our own creations.

Add-in a CMS to an Existing website:

If someone else built your website and you now want to change text and graphics yourself, even add pages and navigation; we can help.
Because we designed and created our own CMS, we can build it into most standard HTML/CSS websites for a small fee.
Give us a call now to see if we can help you manage your own content.

Choose a CMS with your WeWeb Build:

If you wish to regularly update your content on your site and you want an easy to use control panel. Choose our CMS with your web build and we will build your website on our bespoke WeWeb Content Management System.

There are two levels of control that reflect in the cost of the system:

Content: Manage all page text, headings, images and video in a simple to use wysiwyg
Content and Navigation: Manage all page content as above, and also have the ability to add and delete pages, placing them where required in the navigation.
Our CMS carries a monthly charge of £20 per month with an initial integration fee depending on which level is chosen.

Please contact us with your requirements.