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Websites by Weweb

Websites by Weweb

Your website is a testament to your business and should reflect your style and branding. Yet; the average customer won’t even notice that a web site has superb design or is perfectly balanced for the eye.

They won’t even notice the gentle pull of the content or the subtle attraction of the inner pages and when your customer makes that call or fills in that form… it it with a confidence and buying trust born from a gentle seduction of reflected quality and peace of mind.

Marketing is King:

If your website does its job correctly, it will convert viewers to customers. It is a conveyor of information, buying trust and temptation that turns the head, stands out and qualifies the potential customers buying decision.

A good website will of course act as an attractor, but that usually comes after a lot of time and effort. It is the job of Marketing in all its forms that will push potential customers to your website.

‘If you build it, they will come’ is a line from the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams. This is not so true with websites. It is up to your marketing strategy  to make them come, then let your website do the hard work and convert that viewer into a new customer.

WeWeb Build Websites that Convert:

We employ sector research, great design, SEO friendly code, good ‘Calls to Action’ and excellent marketing to make sure that your web investment gives you an excellent return on your pound notes.

Don’t Forget the Mobile Devices:

More  and more people are viewing websites on mobile devices. Here at Weweb we offer fully responsive designs with all our websites that allows it to be viewed on any mobile device what ever the internet speed.

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