Mar 13, 2014

A harsh statement but absolutely true if you don’t promote or market your website to your audience.

‘It is a little like buying a brand new delivery truck and making sure that all the graphics and sign writing are really well done. But you then don’t put any fuel in the tank so you can’t go anywhere.
You have to add fuel to the tank to make it go… and it’s something that is always there to do.
But pretty soon, your truck is getting noticed by lots of people who all want to buy from you, so you fling open the doors and let them climb in.’

A website is a CONVERTER not an ATTRACTOR

It converts viewers into customers; that is what it is designed to do.
It doesn’t act as a ‘Customer Magnet’ as soon as it goes live… to be honest, no one knows it is there.

So the fuel of the business is the marketing that gets potential customers to look at your website. Only then can it do its job.

So where do people come from… how do I get ‘digital bums on seats’?

I’m afraid that this bit is ongoing and may take some time and some money.

So if you are serious about making a success of your business read on; and each time that I post a blog, I will help you with some nugget of marketing that has really worked for us and our clients.


See you soon…

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